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Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are actions that protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, and that effectively and adaptively address societal challenges, while simultaneously benefitting biodiversity and human well-being.


nature-based solutions

NbS are considered alternatives to human-made infrastructures. They integrate conservation and protection of biodiversity as a basis, or a goal. In the context of land restoration and conservation, agroforestry practices – the integration of trees and shrubs into farming landscapes for conservation and profit – are perfect examples of nature-based solutions

Benefits of NbS and Agroforestry Practices

Agroforestry practices have multiple proven benefits:

  •  they contribute to enhancing soil productivity while preserving the integrity and intrinsic value of ecosystems
  • they can limit the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by binding carbon in both vegetation and soil
  • they help smallholder farmers and rural communities adapt to the effects of climate change, as trees provide shade, bind soil, and increase resistance to pests, drought, and flood
  • they provide access to biofuel, a variety of nutritious food, and economic income. 
Small-scale agroforestry farming is common in many developing countries, where systems have often evolved through adaption to local conditions over the centuries.

Here at the Global EverGreening Alliance we aim to scale-up land restoration efforts that focus on NbS and a number of agroforestry practices. These include evergreen agriculture, farmer-managed natural regeneration, assisted-natural regeneration, and the incorporation of fertilizer trees and shrubs within agrifields and livestock production systems.

Farmer-managed Natural Regeneration

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Assisted-Natural Regeneration

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EverGreen Energy

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