It’s been a big year for the Alliance. New Members, new Fellows, new Partners, new announcements – 2022 has been a year of massive growth and expansion. Not to mention a new look!

In April 2022 we officially launched Landscape Partnership Asia with AFoCO and CIFOR-ICRAF at the XV World Forestry Congress held in Seoul.This is a strong partnership that we all expect will move towards implementation next year.

Then we launched the world’s largest privately funded, farmer-led land restoration programme in Kenya in May. Restore Africa aims to restore 1.9 million hectares of land and support 1.5 million smallholder farming families across six African countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Together with lead implementing organisations and their consortium, the Alliance held workshops across Uganda, Malawi and Kenya with workshops in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to follow early next year.

Following the hugely successful launch of Restore Africa, the Alliance held the African Land Restoration Forum in Uganda in June. Designed to bring together key stakeholders to plan a road map of restoration ahead of COP27, the Forum was attended by representatives from 11 African Governments, global and local NGOs, corporate investors and donors.

The Forum ended with the unanimous commitment to work together on a proposal for a MASSIVE land restoration programme that would cost around $1 billion and potentially transform the lives of 60 million people! This will pave the way for work to begin on a 14 country proposal across East and Southern Africa. In addition to all this, the programme is set for enormous landscape restoration efforts in Central and West Africa from 2023.

We went to COP last year announcing our partnership with Climate Asset Management to deliver a $USD 150 million nature-based carbon programme in Africa and this year we turned words into action landing at COP27 to say, not only had we done that, but that thanks to the catalytic investment from Climate Asset management, we’re back with a 3.8 billion dollar pipeline, that will restore over 30 million hectares and support over 29 million households! Beyond this, it will capture 1 billion tons of carbon!

We announced new partnerships with Mirova, Acorn, an initiative of Rabobank and Climate Impact Partners and made public the expansion of the Restore Programme into Southeast Asia!

The Alliance is not only the Secretariat. The Global Evergreening Alliance is its Members, Partners, Fellows, Strategic Advisory Committee, our Board of Directors, our Ambassadors and the Communities on the ground that we have the privilege of working with – and in.

Improving livelihoods is the reason we do what we do. To our donors, investors and supporters from around the world, thank-you for allowing us to dream this big…

It’s just the beginning!