Transparency and Accountability

our constitution,
Codes, and


All of the work that we carry out is guided by a series of codes and policies which are strictly adhered to at all times.

Why they are important? Our codes and policies shape our organisation as a whole and ensure that we are always staying true to our values. They make up who we are and ultimately make sure that we are being the best that we can be. They enable us to carry out the life-changing work that we do in a fair, honest and respectful manner. These guiding documents are vital in helping us to achieve our mission of restoring degraded landscapes and, ultimately, helping smallholder farming communities at risk worldwide.


1. Global Evergreening Alliance Constitution

GEA Constitution V3 Approved 20200603

2. Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Code of Conduct

GEA Safeguarding Code of Conduct Approved 2021-11-25

3. Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy:

Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy and Procedure Approved 2020-01-06

4. Transparency and Accountability Policy:

GEA Transparency and Accountability Policy – 2020/02/06

5. Conflict of Interest Policy:

GEA Conflict of Interest Policy – 2020/02/06

6. Prevention of Financial Wrongdoing Policy:

GEA Financial Wrongdoing Policy Approved 2020-01-06

7. Complaints Policy: 

GEA Complaints Policy & Procedure – 2020/02/06

8. Human Rights Policy: 

GEA Human Rights Policy – 2019/04

9. Privacy Policy:

GEA Privacy Policy – 2019/04

10. Non-Development Activity Policy: 

GEA Non-Development Activity Policy – 2020/02/06

11. Partnership Agreement Policy:

GEA Partnership Policy – 2019/04

12. Work Health and Safety Policy – 06/20

GEA Work Health and Safety Policy Approved 20200106

13. Whistleblower Policy

GEA Whistleblower Policy Approved V2 06-01-2020

14. Program Design Policy

GEA Programme Design Policy – 2019-04 Approved

15. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy

GEA Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy Approved v.2 06-01-2020

16. Monitoring and Evaluation Policy

GEA Monitoring & Evaluation Policy & Procedure – Approved 2021-11-25

17. Media and Communication Policy

GEA Media and Communications Policy Final v.2 2020-01-06

18. Fraud Risk Management Policy

GEA Fraud Risk Management Policy – 2019-04 Approved

19. Ethical Procurement Policy

GEA Ethical Procurement Policy Approved 2020-01-06

20. Environmental Policy

GEA Environmental Policy Final 20200305