About us

Since early 2012, we have brought leading research, technical, and development organizations together. We harness our collective energies and build on our shared vision to restore degraded lands, and improve the sustainability, profitability and reliability of smallholder farming systems.

We provide a collaborative platform to support and facilitate massive-scale environmental restoration and sustainable agricultural intensification projects – increasing biodiversity, and both mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change on a globally significant scale.

our vision

Evergreening the earth

Our vision is to restore degraded agricultural, pastoral, and forest lands, globally. Through nature-based approaches – such as evergreening and regenerative agriculture – we can achieve this with the complete engagement of  local communities. This approach leads to more productive and resilient landscapes and agricultural systems, providing small-scale farmer, pastoralist, and forest-dependent communities (both women and men) with improved and diversified livelihoods. We want to foster a ‘green’ rural economic growth, by creating an agriculture sector that produces zero net GHG emissions. 

our mission

and Supporting others to do so

Our mission is two-fold. Firstly, it is to support our member organizations, interested governments and donors, and vulnerable small-scale farming, pastoralist and forest-dependent communities in developing countries to restore degraded landscapes and improve the sustainability, productivity, equity and profitability of agricultural systems through the managed regeneration and/or integration of trees into farm, pastoral and forest lands. Secondly, our mission is to foster the development of the EverGreening The Earth campaign, which will facilitate grassroots movements around the world to spontaneously adopt agroforestry practices like  FMNR, PMNR, and ANR.  thereby improving the sustainability, productivity, and resilience of agricultural systems, and significantly mitigating the effects of climate change. 

our strength

Bringing people together

The Alliance works with, and through, a multitude of member organisations, institutions, and governments at the national and sub-national levels across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South-East and South Asia –supporting real collaboration, learning, sharing and harmonization across sectors and borders.

Our Values


We feel the urgency to find and implement solutions to the global challenges of eliminating hunger, poverty, and injustice


We value a healthy and diverse environment, and our common natural heritage, and are committed to ensuring the well-being of both for present and future generations.

Our Principles

We address issues that matter to rural communities – our work is grounded in local reality through long-term engagement with farmers and community groups. We believe science can support these local peoples’ initiatives, hopes, and aspirations, while at the same time valuing their own local knowledge and experience.

Our work is relevant to big problems and opportunities – we seek to identify and develop innovative policies and practices that work for both people and nature at a range of scales from local to global.

We synthesize our results to develop a comprehensive, empirical knowledge base on global development problems and opportunities.

We work in research and development partnerships to elucidate and test ideas and to put those ideas into action. These voluntary partnerships are based on active participation, shared leadership, shared credit and recognition for a variety of contributions, transparency in setting priorities and resource allocation, consensus decision-making, mutual accountability, and responsiveness to partners’ needs.

Our collective efforts are guided by governance structures and consultations that strive to effectively engage the full range of stakeholders.

We are committed to mutual respect for all individuals and stakeholder groups, regardless of our differences; through open and fair decision-making within our partnership; and through expanding access to information and opportunities.

Our interactions with stakeholders must conform to the highest ethical standards; we will not cause harm to anyone, and we must keep abreast of evolving best practices.

We work together to build capacity to rise to the unconventional challenges we now face in balancing environment and development objectives.

We strive to bring together a full range of perspectives from science, local knowledge, civil society, the private sector, and public policy.

We work in diverse, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams and we strive for gender equity, and the active participation of all relevant stakeholders and social groups.

We collaborate on goals that no individual or organization could accomplish alone, or that can be done better through partnerships.  Specifically, we collaborate to use and develop integrative science-based approaches to research and action for human well-being, enhanced productivity and resource management, and environmental sustainability across multiple scales in space and time.

Our work must be based on the highest standards of objectivity, integrity, rigor, and legitimacy in order to ensure the credibility and usefulness of all our activities.

We promote critical analysis to challenge conventional wisdom, to expand understanding of technical, institutional and policy alternatives, and to achieve a balance among conservation and development options.

We strive to communicate effectively by investing the resources necessary to provide useful knowledge for various audiences (and in various languages) in order to improve awareness and understanding, to enhance impact, and to raise the level of public debate.

We are committed to produce outputs that have a significant, tangible impact on poverty, hunger, and injustice, while promoting sustainable, resilient development and environmental health. We will continue our efforts to develop tools to monitor, evaluate and assess the impact of our work.