The Global EverGreening Alliance (GEA) is a collaborative platform that strives to represent the interests of its member organisations, and optimally leverage their respective strengths, capacities and programs to support the scaling of EverGreening practices worldwide. Our members support and endorse our vision, mission and objectives, and actively collaborate with other member organisations to scale up EverGreening projects on the ground. 

The GEA also affirms the key role that national, local and indigenous partners play in scaling up EverGreen Agriculture, and strives to enhance collaboration between these partners and our international members.  Further, the GEA fosters national-level EverGreening alliances, in order to optimise the combined impact of national civil society organisations and networks.


Become a Member

The Global EverGreening Alliance unites the world’s non-government environmental and international development organisations to restore degraded lands worldwide. When you join as a member, you will contribute to the strategic focus of our initiatives, and be involved in massive land restoration projects to EverGreen the Earth.