by Alan Channer

World Vision Ghana has been fostering the uptake of evergreen agriculture in northern Ghana for over 10 years – greening thousands of hectares in Talensi District, with multiple benefits for its farming communities.

As a result of these achievements, World Vision Ghana won an ‘Excellence in Land Restoration Award’ in February 2019, for its role as an NGO supporter of land restoration.

A member of World Vision Ghana receiving the “Excellence in Land Restoration Award”  in Bamako, Mali. Photo credit: Leela Channer.

The champion woman farmer Cecilia Saporkroug Topok, the traditional leader Chief Beo Daana Naaba Anaba and the Yameriga Community also won ‘Excellence in Land Restoration Awards’. These three awardees are all from Talensi District, and they were all inspired by the work of World Vision Ghana.

Awardees receiving their award in Bamako, Mali. Photo credit: Leela Channer.

On their return home from the Award Ceremony at the ‘Beating Famine’ conference in Bamako, Mali, a special ‘durbar’ (celebration) was held in Accra to honour them.

Ghana News Agency online carried a full report entitled, ‘World Vision impacts lives in Talensi’.

Jason Amoo, Communications Officer for World Vision Ghana, returned to Talensi district last month. He reports that evergreening agriculture practices are spreading beyond Talensi, reversing losses in forest cover due to felling for charcoal production.

‘Many government tree-planting programmes have not been too successful’, Amoo notes. ‘The government is now getting more interested in FMNR and evergreening practices. We are emphasising the potential to integrate them into many other rural development programmes. There is a lot of potential”.

Watch World Vision’s video on regreening degraded land in Ghana.