Presented by the Global EverGreening Alliance at the Global Landscapes Forum during New York Climate Week, the EverGreening the Earth campaign aims to capture and restore 20 billion tons of CO2 annually by 2050

Climate change is occurring much faster, and is wreaking more damage than was predicted even just a few years ago. The acceleration of global warming is nearly unstoppable – unless we act now, and unless we act ambitiously, together, as a global community. 

The Global EverGreening Alliance (GEA) has over twenty-five Member Organizations, which include most of the major development NGOs and conservation NGOs working around the world. This gives it the capacity on the ground, through their thousands of projects, to make good on such audacious goal, in league with UN Agencies, the multilateral banks, and the hundreds of grassroots organisations and movements it works with. 

A global goal, and a set of six ambitious target, are proposed to overcome the climate crisis, keep our earth habitable, and improve the lives of people around the planet. 

The six targets include: Tripling the current rate of increasing tree cover on farmlands; scaling-up leguminous shrubs on farmlands across 350 million ha; restoring tree cover on 575 million ha of degraded forest lands through assisted natural regeneration; and regenerating a healthy grass-tree balance on 650 million ha of degraded pasturelands. 

The campaign’s targets and projected impacts are science and evidence-based. Calculations are based on appropriate landscapes that require further vegetation. The campaign engages and empowers vulnerable local communities to adopt these practices because they can see the real benefits –  improved food production and livelihoods for the world’s poorest people, and particularly women and children. 

Our success will be captured in near-real time by a cloud-based scaling platform, allowing you to see not only vast swather of green, but also a lone tree, planted or protected by a supporter of the movement. 


We must act now, ambitiously, together, and as a global community!



2:45 – 3:25 pm EST | Climate Week | NYC