The Global Evergreening Alliance is delighted to welcome UK-based charity Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) as its newest member organisation.

A member-based organisation that mobilises botanic gardens and partners worldwide to secure and protect plant diversity, BGCI has created the largest network of plant conservation experts from around the globe.


Figure 1 The Monkey Puzzle tree, an unusual and endangered plant


Through knowledge-sharing, leading innovative projects and by providing funds where they are most needed, BGCI is tackling the threats that are endangering the survival of many species.

In addition to concerted on-the-ground efforts to conserve plants across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, BGCI works extensively in policy, advocacy and public engagement in order to create favourable political and social conditions for healthy gardens and diverse plant-life, as well as to meet environmental and development goals.

Healthy biodiversity and plant-life are the catalysts of healthy communities and we are incredibly excited to be welcoming BGCI to the Alliance to collaborate with them in these important areas of ecological restoration for a greener and healthier planet.