Parkland Agroforestry

A video on Sustainable Land Management in Africa looks at the use of parkland agroforestry as part of effective and sustainable integrated farming.

Farmers and Pastoralists

A video on the series on Sustainable Land Management in Africa looks at the interactions between farmers and pastoralists in Mali, for the benefit of the environment and sustainability of scarce resources. Click here to watch the video

Scaling up FMNR, CAWT and planted agroforestry

Challenges and Opportunities 1. FMNR – Widespread with diverse range of trees with multiple products and uses 2. Faidherbia – highly valued but distribution is not uniform and densities are low: Natural regeneration in natural range Plant air pruned seedlings outside its range Direct sow with pre treated seed 3. Other Planted Systems: Tephrosia, P peas, Gliricidia etc…

FMNR: everything is connected

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration is an approach which World Vision uses to restore degraded land in projects throughout the world. The practice of FMNR can increase crop yields, firewood and livestock fodder. It can diversify household income sources through the sale of excess tree and non-tree products. It also has the ability enhance resilience to…