The Global Evergreening Alliance is delighted to welcome our newest member ECHO, an  international organisation that equips small-scale farmers with sustainable hunger solutions


One of ECHO’s trainings in West Africa. Photo provided by ECHO.

Starting as a small group working in Haiti in the 1970s, ECHO has grown into an international
organisation that introduces environmentally sustainable plants, techniques, and technologies to
farmers around the world who are struggling to feed their families. They provide crucial education
and resources to the communities and landscapes that need it most.
With regional impact centres across South-East Asia and Africa, ECHO tackles poverty, hunger, and
land degradation at the source. Through this education and training, farmers and communities have
direct access to the tools, seeds, and technology that enable them to increase their agricultural
productivity via sustainable and ecologically friendly methods.
Additionally, ECHO’s gospel-centered approach provides internships and opportunities to agricultural
missionaries and development workers to go into the world and support these communities via a
hands-on approach, and their online platform means that farmers, missionaries, and development
workers can share techniques, ideas, and resources.
This on-the-ground way of working directly with those most in need has an immediate and
observable positive impact on struggling communities, families and natural environments, allowing
for more sustainable and productive ways of living for years to come.
We are incredibly excited to add ECHO to our growing list of member organisations, all working
together to build real change from the ground up, assisting vulnerable communities out of poverty
and hunger, while ensuring a more sustainable and greener future.