The Global Evergreening Alliance is delighted to announce reNature as the newest member of the Alliance.

With their particular focus on regenerative agroforestry and agriculture, reNature works to link farmers to the research, knowledge, and funding required to transition to Regenerative Agricultural practices. Through their large network of research organisations and technical partners, reNature connects growers with buyers, proposes impactful projects to financial institutions and provides opportunities for holistic carbon offsetting.

They currently have a significant number of agroforestry projects operating around the world in South and Central America, Africa, and South-East Asia.

reNature construct, develop and showcase Model Farms around the world that operate as educational centers where local farmers can learn how to use specific agroforestry techniques to grow crops, assisting their transition to sustainable agriculture. They also utilize Regenerative Agroforestry plots as hands-on learning spaces known as Model Schools that offer long-term educational courses and programs on sustainable farming to locals. These programs have the potential to significantly improve the lives of farmers in local communities.


Instruction Field Green School in Bali. Photo credit: reNature


Their Change Makers program allows individuals from around the world to gain hands-on experience and an understanding of Regenerative Agroforestry through week-long programs on the ground, led by world-class teachers.

And to add to all of this, reNature give

educational talks and lectures on Regenerative Agroforestry, delivering their insights and cutting-edge knowledge at industry conferences and events such as TED.

It is with enormous excitement that the Global Evergreening Alliance adds reNature to its ever-expanding number of member organisations, drawn together to make real change on the ground. We are all working towards a more sustainable, fruitful and vibrant future for people and the planet.